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Celebrate Each Child As a Gift From God

The Christian preschool at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church welcomes all families and celebrates each child as a gift from God. We develop strong self-esteem in our children by guiding them to grow spiritually, socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively.

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Daily Activities

May 21, 2018
  • Ecology
    Starts: 12:00 am
    Ends: May 24, 2018 - 11:59 pm


    • Ways to look after our world

  • Sing and move, play instruments
    Starts: 12:00 am
    Ends: May 24, 2018 - 11:59 pm


    Sing and move to fun songs from the school year and make use of a variety of classroom instruments

  • Outside Fun 3
    Starts: 12:00 am
    Ends: May 24, 2018 - 11:59 pm


    Outside Fun 3
    • Parachute
    • Ribbon streamer per child
    • Spread parachute on the grass or floor
    1. Parachute Games
    When I say your name run and sit around the parachute. Everyone hold the sides of the parachute and let’s lift it up high and then let it drop down to the ground.
    • Play “Wheels on the Bus” with the parachute. (Round & round – walk around holding parachute; wipers – stand a little closer and move arms back and forth; Children go up and down – go up and down; Baby – stand a little closer and make rocking motion.)
    2. Ribbon Streamers
    Hold your streamer high and wave it around be careful that you are close but not touching anyone else. Now dance around with the streamers. Can you spin around? Can you make them go up and down?

  • Watermelon
    Starts: 12:00 am
    Ends: May 22, 2018 - 11:59 pm


    Tasting Watermelon

    1. What color is the outside of the watermelon? What color is the inside of the watermelon? What are the little black things called?
    2. Can watermelons grow in Minnesota? How would you grow a watermelon?

    Needed: watermelon cut up into small slices

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