5 Alive

The 5 ALIVE! Option at CDLC

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CDLC’s 5 ALIVE! Program is a half-day learning experience for children who are 5 or will be 5 during the school year. 5 ALIVE! focuses on preparing children with the skills needed to achieve success in Kindergarten the following year. View virtual tour.

CDLC’s 5 ALIVE! option provides:

  • An emphasis on developing self-confidence by creating a positive approach to learning through
    • Encouraging curiosity
    • Developing an independent work system
    • Practicing attentive listening
    • Learning how to stick with difficult tasks
    • Understanding instructions
    • Developing follow-through practices
    • Taking pride in good work
  • An increased emphasis on literacy and literature-based activities and word recognition.
  • Large muscle activity and health and safety habits.
  • Name recognition and learning to write your child’s name in the proper case on all papers.
  • A class size of 10 children.
  • Offered five mornings per week (Monday – Friday).
  • Encouragement for independence and self-responsibility.
  • Language arts specialist every other week.

A typical CDLC 5 ALIVE! experience includes:

  • Daily classroom “Circle” activities which include
    • Hello Song
    • Calendar
    • Days of the Week Song
    • Sharing
  • Printing upper and lower case, beginning sound pictures, sign language and corresponding letters and sounds.
  • Learning numbers through 20 and printing them.
  • Beginning Reading Skills
  • Journaling (drawing pictures on given topics which follow the child through the year).
  • Every day involvement in all areas including creative arts, motor, music, science and cooking.
  • All CDLC primary activities, including music, cooking, motor and science.

Stay involved with the 5 ALIVE! friends through weekly emails. Also, you’ll receive a monthly calendar showing science and cooking themes as well as important dates for parents.