All-Day Option at CDLC – Three Year-olds

3 Year-old ALL-DAY Option at CDLC

CDLC’s All-Day option for 3 year-olds offers continuity-learning experiences and provides parents with greater scheduling flexibility. View 3 Year-old ALL-DAY virtual tour.

In addition to our regular curriculum, CDLC’s 3 Year-old all-day option provides:

  • Emphasis on social-emotional development and problem solving skills.
  • Working with children to develop self-help skills.
  • Pre-reading and pre-writing activities.
  • Additional large motor time…inside the building and outside, weather permitting.
  • 2, 3 or 5 day-a-week options for your children.

A typical CDLC 3 year-old All-Day experience includes:

  • Classroom “Circle” activities which include
    • Name Recognition Song
    • Calendar
    • Days of the Week Song
    • Months of the Year Song
  • Finger plays and action songs that tie into featured books.
  • Seasonal activities incorporating music, cooking, art and motor activities that tie into seasons and holidays.
  • Learning games and sensory tables providing “touch, see and feel” familiarity.
  • Cooking sessions that teach math through measurement, as well as healthy eating practices and table manners.

Stay involved with the 3 year-old All-Day friends through weekly emails and newsletters. Also, you’ll receive a monthly calendar showing science and cooking themes as well as birthdays and important dates for parents.