Half Day
Daily Schedule
Arrival Children are escorted to and from the building at the beginning and end of each day. After being escorted in, each class follows a set schedule to cover the following interest centers.
Large Motor Indoor and outdoor areas are available to work with children in building large motor skills according to the appropriate developmental level.
Cooking Children participate in a daily cooking project, providing opportunities to learn math and science skills, increase vocabulary and discover new tastes.
Music Activities include listening and moving to a variety of music, singing, and playing rhythm instruments.
Creative Arts Each child is encouraged to explore their creativity with a variety of art experiences exploring color, shapes and textures.
Science The children are given opportunities to explore and experiment with a variety of materials.

Meeting Times:

Monday-Wednesday-Friday Morning Classes: 9-11:30AM

Monday-Wednesday-Friday Afternoon Classes: 12:45-3:15PM

Tuesday-Thursday Morning Classes: 9-11:30AM