Sample Lesson Plan

Cognitive Domain

Naming Objects

Pre-school, C.D.L.C., teacher, friend, class, bathroom, snack, apples, crackers, juice, playground, seeds, core, peeling, star, quesidillas, tortilla shell, cheese, microwave

Identifying Properties

Red, green, yellow, wash, slice, core, walk, run, sprinkle, sticky, microwave, taste

Classifying Objects

The child will be able to distinguish between inside and outside voices. The child will be able to name other fruits and vegetables that are red, green & yellow. Classify by red, green and yellow.

Locating in Space

Here/there, walk when lining-up, ahead, behind

Making Comparisons

Loud, soft, bigger/smaller, inside voice, outside voice, open/shut. The child will be able to see and taste the likenesses and differences between red and green apples.Hola – Hello, Adios – Goodbye

Describing Spatial Relationships

In, out, inside, outside, too near, too far


Before, after, today, first, last, September, 2013

Affective Domain

The child will be able to: respond to his name, learn his teacher’s name, use an indoor voice inside, and an outdoor voice on the playground. We work together to clean up. I will only use the paper towels needed to dry my hands. The child will be able to learn the name of a friend and become familiar with the school surroundings.


The child will be able to start learning two songs sung daily at C.D.L.C. “We pick up all the toys” & “Good Day, Everybody” or other greeting songs. Sing favorites: “Twinkle, Twinkle,” ABCs, Nursery Rhymes “Hey Diddle Diddle,” “Baa Baa Black Sheep,” “Richard Scaary’s Best Mother Goose Ever.” Also, “Jesus Loves the Little Children.” Play Raffi Favorites. The child will be able to walk and clap to the beat of the music.

Motor-Space Awareness


  • Personal space
  • Up – Down
  • Front-Behind- Side
  • Around, Away
  • Freeze
  • Run, Jog, Walk
  1. Introduce personal space.
    Everyone find a spot marker and stretch your hands up to the sky, down to the ground, to the front, behind, to the side
    Can you touch anyone? This is your personal space. You are in your own space.
  2. Play “Close but not touching” game.
  3. Play “Freeze Game” by Greg and Steve.
    Find your spot, when music starts walk around spot. When music stops “Freeze” like a statue. Freeze means stop where you are and do not move. Play several times.
    This time when the music starts travel away from your spot. When music stops “Freeze” like a statue. Experiment with different ways to travel … walk, jog and run. When you hear “Go home!” move back to your spot.
  4. Pick up Time
    When you hear the color of your spot bring it to me. Sit down when you are ready.

Christian Curriculum

Objective: To introduce the children to Jesus and the Bible.
Show the children the Bible and tell them that the Bible is God’s special book. It is filled with stories about Jesus and other people too. Explain to the children that every time they come to opening music they will hear a short story from the Bible or they will learn something about Jesus.Show the picture of Jesus. Tell them that Jesus is God’s son and he lives in heaven with God. Jesus loves us all very much. We cannot see him, but he is always with us.
Sing “Jesus Loves Me.”Closing Prayer: Dear Jesus, be with us at school today, as we work and as we play. Help us to be kind to our friends. Amen.