Tips from your Preschooler

Written by Linda Caldwell, director of Lollipop U. Daycare, Fairview, PA

  • Be positive! Don’t tell me that I’ll have a great time at child care and then tell Grandma that you feel guilty about enrolling me. I pick up on your feelings very easily! If you feel great about leaving… I’ll feel great about staying.
  • Don’t mind me if the first day I love it, and the second day I hate it!! It’s a new place, new kids, new adults, and new schedule. Keep my schedule consistent and I’ll be fine!
  • When you drop me off in the morning, give me a kiss and a hug and leave!!! When you linger around for a while to see how I’m doing, it makes me feel uncertain because you feel uncertain. Then I don’t want to stay… I want to go with you. If I’m crying, the teachers will hold me. They love me also and want the best for me.
  • Please take time to look at my artwork that I created. I work long and hard at it all day while you are at work. If you do not care, I will not be enthusiastic about creating it. And if I see it laying in the trash at home, I will lose my creativity!
  • Spend time with me after we get home. I know that you’re tired, and I’m full of energy because I took a nap! Let’s go for a walk after dinner. I need time with my mom and dad, too.
  • Sometimes I would like it if you would talk to me and explain to me what is going to happen to me, before it happens. Tell me what day I am going to start preschool, and what I am going to do there all day long. It would help to lessen my fears. Point out the center to me as we drive by, so I can be excited about it.
  • Give me the choice to do things by myself. I’m little and slower than you are, but I can do things all by myself. I can get dressed by myself, and I can pick what breakfast cereal I want to eat. Making decisions can make me feel very important.
  • Sometimes I don’t want to go to preschool. Sometimes you don’t want to go to work! But after we both get there, we’re fine.
  • Don’t be mad at me if after I pass that “adjustment period” I don’t want to go home with you when you come to pick me up. Be glad that my teachers are wonderful people to make me feel that way.
  • Please don’t feel guilty about leaving me! I know that you love me and that you would not do anything bad for me! I also know that when I start kindergarten I will be well adjusted socially and mentally I will be asking questions way ahead of other children. Why? Because you had the insight to put me with other children at a young age when I learned new things and met new friends.

Thanks! Your child

Copyright © 1995 by Linda Caldwell.
Centers are granted permission to photocopy and distribute this page to parents.

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