All-Day Option at CDLC – Pre-Kindergarten

Pre-Kindergarten ALL-DAY Option at CDLC


Because many school districts provide all-day Kindergarten programs, CDLC offers this important option for parents interested in preparing their child for a full day of school. View Pre-Kindergarten ALL-DAY virtual tour .

CDLC’s All-Day Pre-Kindergarten option provides:

  • An emphasis on developing self-confidence by creating a positive approach to learning through
    • Encouraging curiosity
    • Developing an independent work system
    • Practicing attentive listening
    • Learning how to stick with difficult tasks
    • Understanding instructions
    • Developing follow-through practices
    • Taking pride in good work
  • An increased emphasis on literacy and literature-based activities and word recognition.
  • Name recognition and learning to write your child’s name in the proper case on all papers.
  • A class size of only 10 children (sometimes two classes will be merged for certain activities).
  • 2, 3 or 5 day-a-week options for your children.
  • Encouragement for independence and self-responsibility (children pack their own bags and pour their own juice for example).
  • Language arts specialist every week.

A typical CDLC All-Day Pre-Kindergarten experience includes:

  • Daily classroom “Circle” activities that include
    • Good Morning God Song
    • Weather Song
    • Calendar
  • Choosing a daily leader to record the weather, the day of the week and leading the group in singing and counting to the day’s date.
  • Every day involvement in all areas including creative arts, motor, music, science story and cooking.
  • Traveling “Sound Buckets” sent home to encourage children to match sounds and letters with every-day symbols, signs and colors, providing excellent entry points for reading writing and math.
  • A home traveling bear and journal to record the bear’s activities which are then shared with the class.
  • Literature-based curriculum focusing on a book-a-week with related activities all week.
  • Cooperative learning to teach letter recognition, letter cases and numbers and fine motor skill through games and fun.
  • Movement and music to learn how to write letters as well as employment of the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum.
  • Encouraging the love of reading and independent reading during S.Q.U.I.R.T. (Super Quiet Uninterrupted Reading Time) when all children “read” quietly for five minutes.

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